How I’m eating….

So, for those of you wondering (probably the 3 people who are subscribed to this blog- but, hey! you never know! Maybe one day lots of people will go back and read this) the way I’m eating is essentially Paleo. However, I don’t buy into all the flour substitutes. I think that if you really want to have a dessert for example, better to just have it, enjoy it and move on. I believe that we should all be eating whole foods, not in packages. I do however, eat a little bit of yogurt from time to time, but I think I will start to cut that out as well. For now, my rule is that I allow myself 2 meals a week in which I can eat whatever I want. If I want to have a hamburger, then I will have it. The most important thing here, I think is to not feel that sense of guilt that I think dieting has led so many of us to feel. I believe that it’s ok not to be perfect, we can’t always be. But we can, let’s say 95% of the time. It will also give me something to look forward to, and to not feel deprived. I think this will be my key to the LIFELONG change. Not a diet. I feel so great eating this way, and can’t wait to see more and more where this takes me. 

I’m feeling great about my journey so far. Very grateful. 

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