The importance of Meal Prep!

I have to say, preparing my meals for the week, and planning my groceries and cooking is one of the more important things that I do. This allows me to have the right foods on hand when I need them. No need to order lunch in from work, because I brought my lunch! No need to reach for an unhealthy snack, because I packed fruit! (Making the right choices in the moment is another story, but you have to arm yourself with the right tools). Yesterday I cooked all day pretty much! Made my favorite ”healthy tortilla soup” (I have to get around to writing down a recipe for it, and posting it! It’s so good!) I also made pesto, with baked chicken and tomatoes, it looks great! I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll have it tonight for dinner. Also baked broccoli with garlic. Lastly, I made paleo banana muffins (but with only 1/4 almond meal, the rest is eggs, banana, baking powder and that’s pretty much it!). Looking forward to a good week. With hopefully a big weight loss number.

I only lost 0.5 lbs when I got on the scale today. I am pretty sure it has to do with last night’s pizza escapade. I will weigh myself tomorrow, hopefully it will go down a bit more!! Have to stay focused and work really hard this week. I would really like a week with 4 lbs weight loss. I know I am capable of it. I was also sick for a lot of last week, and didn’t get to hot yoga nearly as much as I wanted to. None of that this week!! PUSHING THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!


93.5 lbs left!!


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