Working Hard

(Obviously this title does not reflect working hard on this blog). I’m not sure why I haven’t been getting here to write, especially since I’m totally in the zone. I am going to make a bigger effort to write, as I do find it therapeutic (and maybe fun for the few people who are reading). 

I am so proud to say that I have been working hard, and shockingly- LOVING it!!! In the past, when I have seen success with my weight loss, it has really felt like a chore. I was happy of course, because of positive results, but I have never had so much fun working, pushing and exploring. I will say, that a lot of this is coming from my recent obsession with CrossFit. What a fun atmosphere. I really can’t stress enough how fun it is to go. Fun and so hard!! I am finished every time I leave the class, but I feel amazing! 

My body has changed significantly (for the 2 weeks that I’ve been doing it). I don’t just mean weight (I will get to that later), but body composition. I can feel my muscles. My arms and legs look different already. I cannot wait to see how this all works out. 

I would say the most important change so far, is how great I feel, and I think you can physically see it. I keep surprising myself, and pushing my limits. Nothing feels better than that! 

(I promise to post more, not that anyone necessarily wants to read it! But I want a nice account of this journey). 

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