Struggle to find Balance

In my life, it has always been difficult to find balance. Really, in everything. I am an extremist. I have an addictive personality. I find it difficult to feel ” half way” about anything. For people, I love them with all my heart, or I don’t really bother with them. In school, if I loved the class, I got an A+, if I didn’t like a class I would barely study (I’ll be honest, I still did well because I’m pretty amazing at school). All of this to say, it’s hard for me to find that middle ground. 

In this new way of life of mine, I’ve been great, going to CrossFit 2 days on, 1 day off. Which is a schedule I feel is very good for me. However, on Sunday I decided to do my WOD, and then go to hot yoga. Now, since I’ve been feeling so good working out a lot, I decided that I could push it and do one class after the other. Mistake. I enjoyed both classes (I always do!!), but I was DEAD later that night. So tired, hurting so much. I was so tired, that I had to take the next day off from CrossFit (which I do not want to do). This taught me that I need to find that balance, if not, everything gets thrown off. I will over-do it, and then I won’t continue with my training. 

The same goes for diet, it’s so hard to find that balance. To take away those feelings of guilt from cheat meals, and to really allow myself to enjoy food. To let food nourish my body, and fuel my performances. I am working on this, learning every day and improving. 


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