F*$% the gym.

I never want to be a member of a “gym” again. Of course, I see the merits in doing any kind of physical activity. But I just think that going to a gym, and doing the same kinds of work outs day in and day out, even if you change up your program is just so old fashioned. I know I am new to this CrossFit thing, but I honestly see how the future of fitness and healthy living will continue to evolve in the direction of programs similar to CrossFit. There is really just no comparison between doing repetitive movements or running in place on a treadmill, to dynamic group classes with coaches and ever-changing workouts. Being able to move your body weight around, lift heavy, swing from a bar, walk on your hands- I mean, these are true measures of fitness. I know people who go to the gym every day, and may look muscular, but ask them to run a mile and they can’t. That’s not being healthy. It’s a false sense of health and fitness. That kind of workout is geared at one thing only, physical appearance. 

Workouts like hot yoga, CrossFit and the likes (these are my personal examples) work you from the inside out. AND IT BURNS. But you see results immediately. My body is changing so fast, it’s unbelievable. It’s not even the weight so much yet! Last week I only lost 1 lb. But my pants are too big already, and I am far more muscular. There is already a different shape to my shoulders, my legs and my arms. 

Who wants to go to the gym and use a machine to push weight up? In CrossFit, we are the machines. 


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