Trying not to be frustrated….

So, last week I lost 1 lb (bringing me to 90.5 to go!!), which was exceptionally frustrating, as I`ve really been working so hard. I can see and feel my body changing before my eyes, so I know I’m doing well, but when you don’t see that scale going down, my is it frustrating! This past week, I lost 2 lbs. I am much happier with that, but still somewhat disappointed that the scaled didn’t make a big jump. The consolation is, that I can literally see my body changing DAILY. Which is unbelievable. But for the sake of my goal, I wish that number was coming down faster! 

I will not be discouraged however. I will keep PUSHING. I am not letting this goal go, and I will not rest until I have achieved it. 

88.5 to go!!! 

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