My first 5K!



First things first, I’ve never really liked running. Probably because I’ve always been horrible at it. However, when my friends Katie and Dave decided to run Color Me Rad, I thought it would be a great idea to join. I didn’t really train for it specifically, I just continued on with my CrossFit. 

I’m really proud of myself for completing the run. I went slow, jogged pretty much and walked at times. My uncle and cousin were probably bored to tears keeping pace with me (I insisted they run ahead, but they are amazing and wanted to stay with me). Speed or no speed, I finished it (in really not all that long at all either). I’ve never done that before, so that is pretty exciting to this running newbie. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect, and I got to enjoy the beginnings of summer outside.  I can’t wait to run more ”fun runs” like this one. I don’t think I’ll ever have a desire to go to marathon lengths, but you know what? If I did want to, I bet I could. (What’s better than that positivity?!). 

Here’s to more running! It feels so good to get out there and move! 


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