Insane Courage



I’ve always been consumed by fear. From what I hear, when I was a baby I took much longer to walk than my twin brother because I was so scared. Growing up I was always scared of roller coasters. Even today, I am still very much a worrier, and fear constantly gets in my way. I have been working towards conquering my fears, or at least not letting them hold me back from doing the things that I want to do. I’ve been thinking about this quote (pictured above) since I saw it about a week ago. I really think that sometimes we build of bravery to mean that we need to live in a constant state of bravery. But sometimes, to move past our fears, to just go for it, and live our lives to the fullest- a mere 20 seconds of bravery will do the trick. 

I think that this also applies to smaller life battles (although obviously those big ones too). Let’s call this whole concept, the “20 second rule”. When I look at it from the perspective of my weight-loss goal, and becoming healthier the 20 second rule just makes so much sense. We make so many decisions throughout the day that affect our health. What should I order for lunch, should I have a glass of wine, oooh there are chocolates on the counter- should I have one, the salad or the burger? etc. etc. You know how it goes. A lot of these decisions are made impulsively (at least in my case), which is why I plan my meals as much as possible. If we took that impulse slightly out of the equation, just for those 20 seconds (and really, I think it’s fair to call that courage), we would make a lot of better choices.

What awe do every day, consistently (our present) is what determines our future. I really don’t want that future to have been formed by fear. I’m going to make a conscious effort every day in battles big and small, from lifelong fears to small choices to take those 20 seconds and be strong and brave. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I have a feeling, this will be good… 

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