Not a setback… but a holdback?!

I got on the scale this morning, and I didn’t lose anything. That means it was a frustrating week for me. I knew I wouldn’t have tremendous weight loss this week, as I only went to CrossFit twice (I know, horrible!!! Trust me, I hated not being there), and I wasn’t as on point with my eating. I had a lot of cravings (stupid excuse) and I even had a poutine (this was after a CrossFit class, walking about 5K in search of food trucks, and finally going somewhere else for dinner at 11pm- I know, bad life choices). I am being kind to myself about this though, it’s a new week. I will work harder. Take those 20 seconds and choose better. 

Let’s do this. (I want a big weight loss push right now, for many reasons, but a very vain one being I’m going to Florida and want to do a lot of shopping. Best thing would be to be as small as possible to get the most wear out of the clothes I buy). Having just re-read that, yes I realize how ridiculous I am. 

Still… 20.5 lbs lost!!! 79.5 to go! 


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