Other than my health and weight, I’ve been trying to work on a lot of things. I’ve spoken before about how fearful and anxious I always am (I’m just full of interesting facets aren’t I?). There’s a long story about a Psoas (so-assssss!!!) muscle in here, but that’s for another post. Seriously, it’s so long, you don’t want to hear it now! However, working on that muscle led me to a lot of research, and that research led me to some chakra research (I know, super new-age) and then led me ultimately to mindfulness. Mindful is something that I so rarely am. I have figured out that my anxiety is based on my projections of the future, as opposed to reality. And future is not something we can control, all we can control is what we are doing right here, right now. I started trying to meditate (I’ve done it 3 times now), and it’s amazing. I’m not sitting in a dark pillow den – even though that sounds delightful- surrounded by the waft of incense or anything. But, for about 10 minutes, I lie in my room and clear my mind, focus on my body and my surroundings. Yesterday, a friend introduced me to this app called Headspace (get it, it’s awesome). It’s essentially guided meditation for us new new age people. By new new age, I mean people like myself, who don’t really have any strong religious beliefs. But do believe in something, people who believe in the world and want to be a positive influence. People who want to live happy and healthy lives. It isn’t hoakey or creepy or weird. Just a cool British guy making you focus on a few things. I have to say, meditation is amazing, and I truly believe that everyone in the world needs to get into it. I feel so much better, I can barely explain it. 


I also started reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and it’s so great. I read a few pages each day, nothing crazy. And I just slowly work on some of the ideas he talks about. Just controlling and silencing our mind. Being present. Not dwelling and stewing on the past. Not anticipating, worrrying and projecting the future. It’s really amazing, I swear in like 4 days how different I feel. I’m still a total crazy person, but I’m less anxious, I’m worrying less about what MIGHT happen, and I’m just accepting things as they are. I feel calm and happy and especially content. These are all good things – obvs. I am just living my life, making good choices, and just trying to be present. I find I’ve been enjoying myself more, because I’m not so worried about the past or future. 


This is probably all sounding like some crazy rambling (also, because I never edit my posts, I just write feverishly and post), but if you have ever wanted to calm yourself, relieve anxiety or just enjoy every moment a little more, I would suggest trying meditation. No one is going to think you’re weird, it’s actually super cool. If you’re a little crazier, grab The Power of Now and read it, I don’t think you’ll regret it. 


I’m just starting to feel great about everything, can’t wait to continue all of this. Life is good. 



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