Road to being an ”Athlete”. CrossFit is for everyone.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about CrossFit, don’t worry! I’m still going at least 4 times a week. I’m becoming stronger, more confident, and better at it every day. I fucking love this shit. 

This morning, I came across this article, and it obviously just described my CrossFit experience so far. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about CrossFit, I follow all the athletes on Instagram, it’s been an increasingly bigger interest of mine. However, since it really is a sport that had the intention of training athletes into superior athletes, there hasn’t been all that much written (at least to my knowledge) about the very novice athletes, about the people who have been doing CrossFit and have a lot of weight to lose. 


I was so scared to walk into that gym the first time, and probably never would have had it not been for my family (read previous CrossFit post for more details, we won’t go through all that again). I have been going a lot since, I’m getting the movements down, and I am of course improving in every way. However, what this article describes, about those of us who have that much more weight to lose (rather than those who just need to get in shape, or to improve their athleticism) is that it’s fucking hard. Yes, it’s hard for everyone, that’s the whole point! But I have more restrictions than someone who, let’s say weighs 120 lbs. I rarely let it get in my way though. I never weasel out of any WOD. I scale everything that I have to, and I do everything that’s on the board. 


I get frustrated though. I’m frustrated that I can’t freaking hang from the rig for more than 5 seconds. (I honestly thought I could do more, as my knee raises are getting pretty good- but a WOD this week taught me that I cannot). I know I’m strong, I just did a 3 Rep Max Deadlift of 195 lbs, which I could probably do more. But hang from the rig for 10 seconds? Nope, not there yet, and that’s super irritating for me. 


I agree with what this writer says, everyone in CrossFit says not to worry about the weight, that it will come off. And it is. But the reality is, I probably won’t be able to do what everyone else does until I get down there in weight. I need to also really focus on my weight loss as well as my CrossFit training. Because I want to do, not only what everyone else does, but I want to do it better. I don’t want people to have to wait for me when we are running the square run, I want to wait for others, and encourage them. I can train as much as I want, get as strong as I want, but until I’m at my goal weight, CrossFit will always be tough, and some things (I’m looking at you pull-up, and handstand push-up) will be near impossible. 


Don’t misunderstand, none of this is negative. I love CrossFit, I don’t feel well when I don’t go. I feel alive and strong when I leave the WOD. And I would absolutely suggest to anyone who is trying to lose weight, to get themselves to a box and join in this amazing community. Only good things come of CrossFit. But, we need to be honest with ourselves, we might not be able to do what everyone can! And that’s totally fine! Someone with a shoulder injury can’t do a perfect snatch, just like how I can’t get low enough in my squats (seriously, the bane of my existence- I’m having a party when I can break parallel). We are all different, I’m just wearing a weighted vest for now. But its getting lighter every week, and soon- that vest is coming off, and I am scared for the other CrossFitters. If I’m this good at this weight, how much ass am I going to kick at my goal weight?!


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